Everest Region Trekking

"World Highest Peak : Mount Everest Nepal."

Everest Region Trekking

Everest region is full of fine scenery and attracts a large number of tourists and climbers. The slopes of the region are rich in minerals, soft-wood trees, medicinal herbs so people like to research and explore the place.

People like to travel abroad for happiness. They visit countries which have many places of interest. In Nepal we have the lofty Himalayas. The Himalayas extend all over Northern Nepal and occupy nearly forty percent of the total area of our country. The higher Himalayas contain most of the highest peaks in the world and one of them is Mt. Everest. Mt. Everest is the world largest and tallest mountain. Everest region is the most amazing place on earth which is full of fine scenery. This peak attract climber every year so that trekking in Everest region gives you the meaning of travelling.

The lower Everest region is forested. Pine trees and rhododendrons are found as that scenery of valley and lakes can be seen which is beautiful that attracts people. Transportation is difficult across the mountains so trekking is the best way to visit Everest region. The higher Everest region contain several big glaciers and lakes, it is very difficult to survive so several base camps are there in south and north.

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