Rescue with Heli Service

There are a couple of dependable therapeutic posts in the slopes, for example, the Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) posts at Pheriche, Machhermo and Manang, and the Khunde Hospital which are altogether staffed by Western specialists. In any case, most mischances or ailments will happen without solid restorative care. On the off chance that you get yourself sick or harmed in the mountains, here are the means Agile Adventure Treks will take to protect you.

Our staff will endeavor to treat the medicinal issue themselves. On the off chance that elevation affliction is suspected, we will plummet with the casualty promptly.

For the more genuine therapeutic issues, crisis helicopter salvages will be organized by Sherpa Royal Trek & Expedition.  In the event that helicopter invasion is conceivable, it might be important to transport the patient to a place where it is conceivable to arrive the helicopter.

Ensuring Payment

Helicopter save administrations will once in a while go to your guide without you either influencing a money to store or a guarantee in Kathmandu.  On the off chance that you are trekking with Sherpa Royal treks we will organize the safeguard and beginning installments, however the casualty is in charge of repaying the cost of the flight which can be as high as USD 2000 every hour. Once more, ensure you have protection covering crisis helicopter safeguard.